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We would like to extend to you an invitation to join the Lichtenberg Wood Burning family.
Becoming a partner with us will let you work for yourself and be independent in your endeavors and make money from The Lightning Box.

Below Are Steps To Your Success

You can promote The Lightning Box through your personal e-commerce business

You can promote us at local craft fairs and markets. We are committed to helping you flourish by providing resources, guidance, and ongoing assistance.

Make videos of you making Lichtenberg Wood Burning artwork

Upload your videos to TikTok, Facebook reels , Instagram reels and YouTube. Different platforms require different lengths and styles of videos, so make sure you get creative and mix it up. Let your followers know what kind of wood you use, how long it takes to create a piece, and how The Lightning Box you own works – the more information you provide, the more engaged they will be. 

Showcase your work, give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your process, explain the science behind the art, and share stories of your successes and failures using The Lightning Box. Make sure to tag each video with relevant hashtags like #LichtenbergWoodBurning #TheLightningBox #WoodWork #WoodArt #WoodBurning and #Pyrography in order to reach a wider audience and maximize your exposure.

Let your personality shine through your videos and don’t forget to have fun! The more entertaining you make it, the more likely people will come back for more – and hopefully purchase your work. Start making money with The Lightning Box today!

DELUXE PRODUCTS LLC has announced the launch of their affiliate program offering commisions on the sale of
The Lightning Box, they are spreading the word to all artists and influencers. It is an unprecedented opportunity for artists to share their art with the world and gain recognition.
Those who are accepted can upload videos of their artwork (using The Lightning Box) and their affiliate link to gain more followers, which in turn translates into more sales. Every sale results in commissions, which serve as a reward for their hard work and a motivation to create even more stunning pieces. With the support of DELUXE PRODUCTS LLC, the affiliates will flourish, growing their own businesses and becoming more successful.

Be your own boss & take control of your future! Earn extra cash from your home. Sell The Lightning Box

“The Lightning Box” is designed to provide a safer method of participating in a very dangerous hobby.
The common practice is to recover a Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) from an old microwave oven and use unsafe components to make a Lichtenberg wood burner as you may have viewed on


There are no known International or USA standards for this type of product. Therefore, our engineer has used his 60 years of engineering experience to design a unique product that incorporates many safety features to prevent accidental electrical injury.

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