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Fractal burning is a fairly new technique that creates patterns in wood that resemble branching or fractal patterns by applying electrical current from a high-voltage source across wooden items.

Lichtenberg Wood Burning has made this Art very safe, allowing users to enjoy the art with mimal risks. 

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The output voltage and current (10,000 volts @ 30 ma) from NST (Neon Sign Transformer) burners and the output voltage and current (2,000 volts @ 500 ma) from MOT (Microwave Oven Transformer) burners can cause serious burn, injury, or death if these instructions and safety precautions are not followed.

The safe use of this burner is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser. If you have any electronic implant, consult your doctor before using.

The MOT burner must be selected based on your available electric power, 110-125vac or 220-250vac.

The NST burner is designed to operate on 110 to 220 volts AC only. Do not use a Variac with an NST burner. The use of a Variac will destroy the electronic circuitry and void all Warranties. A Variac (Variac is a Trade Name), variable voltage transformer, can be used with a MOT burner.

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