Lichtenberg Wood Burning System – PREMIUM Model #464


New 2022 model machine plus the Handheld Controller ($149.95 value)


  1. 2000v-500mA power supply w/ VVR, Volt/Ammeter, power switches, circuit breaker, auxiliary sockets, fans and other internal components.
  2. 12AWG-20A power cord w/ 15A to 20A adapter
  3. Footswitch with plug-in connector
  4. Two probe bodies with adjustable legs, and high voltage 4mm banana plugs
  5. Two 80” high voltage 4mm banana connector leads.
  6. Two high voltage 2 in 1 probe adaptors, they allow you to burn with 4 probes.
  7. Two 80”high voltage leads with heavy-duty alligator clamps.
  8. Two voltages are available. 120v for USA, CA, MX and 220v for international addresses

Please download and read the instructions before ordering.

Adapters included to work in your country 120v-60hz or 220v-250v