Founder and Designer

“The Lightning Box”

For the viewer that might wonder, “Who is the developer of this Burner”, I will explain who I am.

I started designing machines in 1964 that could kill or injure people if they were careless around the machines. I had to envision how they would use the machines and provide preventive safety features.

I designed arial-work platforms in 1969 to 1991. These machines were powered by batteries, gasoline, diesel and manpower. They lifted people up to 45 feet above the ground, and some were even driven from that height. They have AC power cords for using tools, some had insulated platforms for High-voltage work. Extremely high danger is associated with the work.

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I was “Chairman” of a few A.N.S.I. Safety Standard Committees, in which we wrote the safety standards for the arial-work platforms.

More recently I have designed radial 6-cylinder aircraft engines, pulse-jet rockets, 4-cylinder “Boxer” aircraft engines, pneumatic tennis-ball gun, NST burners, Mot burners, and many other devices.

My whole career has been to improve the safety related to products used by normal people and trades people.

When the virus hit the USA, I was in Shanghai. I made a reservation to fly home to Bellevue, but I had an emergency appendectomy. I made another reservation for March 5th, 2020, but by then all fights out of China to the USA were cancelled.

I had been told about Lichtenberg wood burning by a friend, and started watching YouTube videos. I was shocked to see how dangerous their burners were, and they were teaching others “How to Kill Yourself”. I decided to start a Facebook Group to promote safety. I did, “Lichtenberg Wood Burning Safety”, and in the first year I have over 1,400 members.

I began by designing an NST (Neon Sign Transformer) burner because I thought the MOTs (Microwave Oven Transformers) were too dangerous. Not true! The people mis-using the MOTs were misinformed and not instructed on how to use them safely. I passed on the NST burners since they were only used because of the “Big Scare” of MOTs, due to YouTube videos. I concentrated on designing a MOT burner with safety features needed to make the MOT competitive with an NST burner.

If you are reading this, trying to decide if this hobby is safe enough for you, then consider how it compare to regular household tasks/conditions. Do you cook? If you leave a frying pan on the stove with il and food in it, on high heat, leave the room for five minutes, what happens? Is it the fault of the pan, the stove, or you? Pay attention to what you are doing and avoid accidents.

Summary! I can’t design a “SAFE” machine, it’s impossible! I do design a burner with safety features to allow the user to operate it safely “IF” they follow safety procedures and don’t touch the high-voltage components.