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Wood Burning Machine and Safety Products “The Lightning Box”

Use our Machine “The Lightning box” to practice the art of wood burning safely.

Welcome to the Art of
Lichtenberg Fractal
Wood Burning

History of the Art

“Lichtenberg Burns” are typically branching tree-like pictures that are created with the aid of using the passage of immoderate voltage discharge throughout the area, or through, electrically insulating materials (dielectrics). The preliminary Lichtenberg figures had been in reality 2-dimensional “dust figures” that shaped while dust debris within the environment settled on electrically charged plates of resin within the laboratory of their discoverer, German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799). Lichtenberg’s aren’t correct fractal patterns. A fractal shape is a mathematical production designed to appear precisely the identical at any scale. Because Lichtenberg consequences and fractal patterns each have very comparable appearances like lightning or trees, the term “Lichtenberg Fractal Designs” has generally, however mistakenly been, used to explain those figures.

Now that you have seen some of the artwork that can be done with electricty, you need to understand the danger of this hobby. If you have watched any YouTube videos, you have been warned “Do Not Try This at Home”, and that is true if you use the same type of equipment shown in the videos. Deluxe Products has developed The Lightning Box, which is special equipment to protect you from the dangers posed in YouTube videos. If you understand the “do’s and don’ts” you can enjoy this hobby and make beautiful “Lichtenberg Fractal Designs”.Visit and request to join our Facebook group Lichtenberg Wood Burning Safety”.   (Click here)

Based on the safety issues of this hobby “THE LIGHTNING BOX” was created to make this form of art just a little bit safer!

Samples of Lichtenberg Wood Burning Art With Our Machine

The Lightning Box

A Sample of Art

This sample of product is made with using our electrical wood burning machine The Lightning Box, that can be purchased in this website. You can see the potential that this hobby presents. Consider our machine, The Lightning Bos when you decide to enter this exciting hobby. It can be done safely with the right equipment and instruction.


Buy The Lighning Box or our other products today and get started with your art

The products (The Lightning Box Machines and Probes) advertised on this website are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety. When working in an environment of high voltage (2,000v to 15,000v), it’s imperative to understand the risk and how to reduce that risk. Many people are displaying in videos (YouTube and Vimeo), how to perform “Lichtenberg Fractal Wood Burning” and they say “don’t do this at home” but many people will do it at home. The videos show “how to do it dangerously”. I started a Facebook Group, “Lichtenberg Wood Burning Safety” as a private group to teach people how to reduce the danger. And to bring the community together.

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Be Safe!

Electrical Safety Begins with YOU and our Machine!
The Lightning Box