HIGH-OUTPUT! DOUBLE the POWER! Lichtenberg Wood Burning Machine to Make Lightning-Like Patterns Burned Into Wood and Other Porous Materials, The Lightning Box Model #471 & #495

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HIGH-OUTPUT 1000 Milliamps DOUBLE the burning power of a Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) 1000 volts is safer than 2000 volts. The burning power is determined by the amperes, not the voltage. Our HIGH-OUTPUT Model #471 has a custom-made transformer with 1/2 the voltage (1000 volts, SAFER) and twice (1000Ma) the burning power of a 500Ma MOT (Microwave Oven Transformer).

This “HIGH-OUTPUT Standard” model includes the following components:

List of Components

  1. 1000v-1000mA power supply w/ VVR, Volt/Ammeter, power switches, circuit breaker, auxiliary sockets, fans, and other internal components.
  2. 12AWG-20A power cord w/ 15A to 20A adapter
  3. Footswitch with plug-in connector
  4. Two probe bodies with adjustable legs, and high voltage 4mm banana plugs
  5. Two 80” high voltage 4mm banana connector leads.
  6. Two voltages are available. 120v for USA, CA, MX, and 220v for international addresses

The voltage will be determined based on your shipping address.

Please download and read the instructions before ordering.

Additional information

Weight 17.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 8 in


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