Lichtenberg Wood Burning Machine (120v) Lightning Box Premium Plus #US457

Original price was: USD $899.95.Current price is: USD $769.95.



The “Premium Plus” model includes the following components:


  1. 2000v-500mA power supply w/ VVR, Volt/Ammeter, power switches, circuit breaker, auxiliary sockets, fans and other internal components.
  2. 12AWG-20A power cord w/ 15A to 20A adapter
  3. Foot switch with plug-in connector
  4. Two probe bodies with adjustable legs, and high voltage 4mm banana plugs
  5. Two 80” high voltage 4mm banana connector leads.
  6. Two high voltage 2 in 1 probe adaptors, they allow you to burn with 4 probes.
  7. Two 80”high voltage leads with heavy-duty alligator clamps.
  8. Two voltages are available. 120v for USA, CA, MX and 220v for international addresses

The voltage will be determined based on your shipping address.


Please download and read the instructions before ordering.

A complete system priced at $769.95 

The system components are:

Lichtenberg Power Supply with small probes 

The MINI Probes 

The 2-in-1 adapter set 


This Lichtenberg Wood Burning machine operates on 120v-60hz or 220v-250v input power and the output power is 1800v to 2500v at 500ma. It has safety features that protect the operator if the operator follows the recommended safety instructions. Read the operating instructions and operate at your own risk. Carelessness can result in injury or death! Visit and join the Facebook group "Lichtenberg Wood Burning Safety" for learning how to be safe while enjoying a new hobby.

When you purchase this power supply you have a Foot Pedal and Probe Kit included in the price.

If you're reading this you're probably interested in making Lichtenberg ART. Most machines that make the art, are "Home Made" and very unsafe to operate. If you decide to order, please send your phone number with the order. FedEx requires a phone number before they will ship via air freight.

We just introduced a new Model 2021. Read the red-bordered sheet for more info. A special feature is a "Hardware Key"(HK). If the HK isn't inserted into the port, the burner is "locked" from others using it. The extra port can also be used to add an optional "hand switch" when you order a burner.

This product is especially designed for producing Fractal designs burned into the wood for a hobby called Lichtenberg Fractal Wood Burning. The product is a complete system with the goal, being, to enable the user with a safer way to enjoy this hobby. Most people make their own, DIY, burners, and don't know the proper electrical requirements to reduce the chance of accidental electrocution. This product is not for use by children.

All components are enclosed in an aluminum case. It is available in two voltages, 120v and 220v. The output voltage is 2000-2200 volts at 500ma and it has a VVR (Variable Voltage regulator) to reduce the power. Reducing power is a feature that allows the user to control the depth and size of the patterns. There are 3 switches required to be activated to start a burn. You must set up the workpiece that you are going to burn, and then energize the Burner machine with the momentary footswitch.

The power supply has several safety features to protect the operator. It has a main switch that turns "ON" the control circuit (with a 20A fuse). The "Burner Switch" is a separate push-button to power-on the transformer circuit (it has an auto-reset 30A circuit breaker). The burner circuit will not power-on until you press the foot switch (the foot. switch doesn't carry high amperes). If you require special features for your safety, describe the special safety feature and we will quote the cost.

The probes are insulated to over 30KV. They can be handheld (one hand only, recommended). There are two ventilation fans to cool the transformer and a thermal switch on the secondary coil to "kill" the power if it overheats. The front panel has a volt/ammeter and the back panel has a VVR (variable voltage regulator) to reduce the power for fine detail burns.