Lichtenberg Wood Burning System (220V) PREMIUM PLUS The Lightning Box Model #IN464

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New International model machine plus the Handheld Probe ($249.95 value)

This model operates on a standard 220v, 13A 3-prong outlet.

  1. 2000v-500mA power supply w/ VVR, Volt/Ammeter, power switches, circuit breaker, auxiliary sockets, fans and other internal components.
  2. 12AWG-20A power cord w/ 15A to 20A adapter
  3. Foot switch with plug-in connector
  4. Two probe bodies with adjustable legs, and high voltage 4mm banana plugs
  5. Two 80” high voltage 4mm banana connector leads.
  6. Two high voltage 2 in 1 probe adaptors, they allow you to burn with 4 probes.
  7. Two 80”high voltage leads with heavy-duty alligator clamps.
  8. Two voltages are available. 120v for USA, CA, MX and 220v for international addresses

Please download and read the instructions before ordering.


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Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 11 in